Keynote Speaker Dr. Kim Nugent

Kim Nugent, Ed.D., is an innovation leadership coach with an exceptional track record of engaging aspiring leaders. As a certified coach, keynote speaker, and a best-selling author, Kim is a sought-after Promotion Protocol expert for both younger and experienced professionals in the workforce today! Through her speaking and coaching programs, Kim offers fine-tuned inspiration to her audiences and delivers results-oriented execution. Come learn and innovate your personal pathway to promotability and unlock the secrets to your career success.

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Struggling to skyrocket your career?

In her new book, Promotion Protocol, Dr. Kim Nugent strategically guides you step-by-step to enable the pathway to your career success. Through her wisdom, experience, and process of promotability, Kim Nugent gives you practical tools to redefine and lead your way to career success and create your legacy!


Dr. Kim Nugent’s Presentations & Topics

Developing a Leadership Academy

This presentation is designed to foster an effective learning environment for high potential career driven employees. Learn to articulate the concepts of organizational culture as these relate to your department and the company, while gaining an understanding of the key areas vital to the manager in hiring and developing talent, ethical behavior, quality service, operational efficiency, documentation, team management, understanding tools and available resources, senior leadership, and more!

Exceptional Leadership in Action

The secret of your success is determined by your ability to lead and inspire your teams. This presentation focuses on the tools required to be a great leader and shows you how to put these tactics and strategies into action. Upon completion you will be able to plan for the first thirty days on the job, connect to the language of leaders, enhance your operational strategies, develop and engage the organizational talent, and more.

The Pathway to Promotion

In this presentation we will unlock the secrets of promotability and career success allowing participants to gain a better understanding of why they are not getting promoted. We will consider new perspectives and learn how to become more self-aware. Kim will share her ABC’s of Promotability and show you how to utilize “The Coaching Guide”.

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